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Monday, April 11, 2011

Baby Kicks Cloth Diaper Review

Recently, I received a CSN Stores gift card. It took me a lot of browsing to decide what to purchase because they have several items available to choose from.  I finally decided that since my cloth diaper collection was dwindling down due to my poor initial choice in investment, I would try the some of the cloth diapers that they carry to purchase and review.

The diaper I am going to focus on today is a Baby Kicks Cloth Diaper.

I bought one of these Organic Fitted Baby Kicks Diaper's (shown on the left below) and one of these Baby Kicks 3G Pocket Diapers (shown on the right below).

I think that both of these diapers are adorable.  I tend to prefer bright whites over off whites so the appearance of the 3G Pocket Diaper is more impressionable to me.

Each diaper comes with one hemp insert.  I was skeptical on how absorbent this insert would be.  It is rather thin. It is not fancy or soft.  The overview describes this insert to be "ultra absorbent" and it held up to the description.

My favorite feature about both of these diapers is the multicolored snaps.  I felt like it was a very bright, fun, and smart make on Baby Kick's behalf.  With this system, I could easily tell my husband or a sitter which size to put Robert on and know that they shouldn't get it confused.

The Organic Fitted is a made of terry material and is not very soft.  Though, I wouldn't complain it was hard on the skin either.  The diaper seems a little small, but it just has good elastic.

In all honesty, I have not used either one of these diapers at night, and I don't really plan to.  The Organic Fitted seems too risky to me with it not being lined at all.  Robert is needing between 3-4 inserts a night right now and I believe this diaper just wouldn't hold up.  If it did, it would certainly need a few extra padders.  I am not saying it can't hold it with that, but I'd rather have a liner for nighttime protection.

The 3G Pocket Diaper runs very tight along Robert's thighs.

He is not very chubby in all honesty, and weighed in at less than 24 pounds at his 15 month appointment last week.  I was surprised at how tight it ran.  I still use it during the day, but I don't expect I will be able to for very long.

In closing, I like both of these diapers.  I think the Organic Baby Kicks is great for rashes and "airing out" during the day.  I wouldn't recommend it for outings or night, but I liked it overall.

I think the 3G Pocket Diaper is adorable and I would recommend it for infants for sure.  As far as toddler's, I wouldn't put the money out knowing it would not last longer than a short period.  Unless, your little one is very little and very skinny.

Do you have any Baby Kicks diapers in your stash?  What do you think of them?

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