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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Tackle It Tuesday #56: Plant Makeover

I did this tackle a while back, but I never blogged it, so here it is this week.

Please excuse the quality of these photos, they were taken on my Blackberry.





This plant needed a major revamp. I only wish I had taken the top photo more from below. It was hanging everywhere! It took me months to actually do it, but now that it's done, I love it!

I was overwhelmed and didn't know what to buy or do. But then one day I just got fed up. So I took a hair tie, cut it open and used it to tie to back. This sort of plant twists and turns, so I just used it's natural ways to pull it up and together. Since the hair tie is dark brown, you can't even see it!

Voila! My ghetto Plant Makeover!

What are you tackling this week?

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