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Cloth Diapers
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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

How to Cloth Diaper by Marni

Oh, so you want to cloth diaper like my mama?
Well, read on! We'll certainly share our tips with you!
Just don't ask us for showering tips, because this day, we royally needed one!

First, you will need a beautiful baby (boy) who is going to be your subject. I'd let you borrow mine to try it out, but well, contact me for those accommodations! :-)

Here is my subject and biggest inspiration, as far as this goes.
This precious child (and two others) are depending on me to set an example, change the world, do the best for them. So, I decided to cloth diaper. I only wish I had been willing to try it sooner!

Before you decide on cloth, do your research. There are many different brands and types of diapers to choose from.

I decided on "Pocket Diapers" for our family. For the purpose of this post all information is in regards to "Pocket Diapers". If you choose another type of diaper, please note that washing or other instructions are likely to change.

When you have decided on your type of diapers and go to make your purchase, I highly recommend

Nicki's Diapers

I have not been asked to advertise for them, nor am I getting any sort of reimbursement for this post.

I have found them more than pleasurable to work with and purchase through.

Prior to using your new cloth diapers, you need to wash them at least once.

The more you wash them (I believe the suggested is up to 8 times prior), the more washes prior, the more absorbency increases in your inserts.

I believe I washed mine only twice. Mostly because I am cheap, and I figure a newborn infant doesn't need that much, absorbancy, right?

Once your diapers are washed, you can either lay them out in piles OR fold them.
I am constantly trying new things to see what works best or just to change it up a bit.

In the early days, I folded all of my diapers in the evening while watching a movie (we don't have cable) and resting.
Then I stored them in a cute little diaper hanger, like this one, from William's nursery.

Nowadays, I find it exhausting to fold diapers in the evening with everything else that I've done all day/need to get done.

Besides, depending on whether Robert will be using the diaper for day or night use will depend on which inserts (and whether) we (double the) use.

These diapers are, in my opinion, as easy as they look. I mean, check them out, they come in three sizes!
Just insert the liner (insert), put on baby, and voila!

When he was younger we used the small insert (though those didn't last long!). Then we moved up to the larger, which we still use for day, and night we just double them. It works for us!IMG_5293

The diaper changing process is the much the same as disposables. Remove diaper, wipe butt, dump solids in toilet (once they are solids, that is - young infants "poop" can just be thrown into the wash), toss in "pail".

Dumping the solids in toilet: Seeing as though I breastfeed, he doesn't seem to have problems with constipation or loose bowels. They are "just right" to flip the diaper and they fall into the toilet. No rinsing, no touching, just a simple "plop".

How to Wash Cloth Diapers

It is recommended that you remove the liners prior to washing. In the early days, I did this. However, after a busy morning and my husband being in charge of diaper duties, I learned we had one diaper left just as I had to leave. In a rush, I threw them in the wash and ran, assuming I'd sort them upon my return and prior to the second cycle.

When I returned that morning and opened the wash to sort them, the washer had beat every liner out of the diaper. Therefore, ending my seperation of dirty diaper covers and inserts. (Whoo hoo!)

I probably have one or two each load now that don't sort out, but they come out clean and, well, it's worth it to me to spare myself that time sorting dirty diapers.

Dump diapers (covers and inserts) along with cloth wipes into washing machine.

Wash on HIGH level water, always.

COLD water with less than HALF the recommended detergent. - If you overuse detergent, the diapers will feel "sticky".
The first cycle can get pretty dirty, but really, after the first, they are rather clean, they just need that second hot wash to "help".

Add 3(ish) drops of lavendar (and a dash of water) to the fabric softener. -This is a natural softener AND antibacterial. Besides, you know, making them smell nice.
Once this cycle completes, repeat with HOT water, more lavendar and laundry soap.

When the diapers have successfully been washed, hang them outdoors to dry.
NEVER dry the diaper covers. The plastic will break down much quicker, or maybe it was just my Haute Pockets?

Besides, the sun outdoors is the most wonderful (and safest) bleach!

Your diapers will come out looking brand new again!
Diaper Recommendations
I can not recommend either brand I use for cloth diapering (see yesterday's post). However, I do recommend Nicki's Diapers, and would consider using their trial program (and intend to myself when the need and financial aspect are available).

Cloth wipes
I use these wipes.
There are different options for solutions, I simply use a few drops of lavender in some water and add the wipes.


Then I use a wipes warmer to hold and warm them.IMG_5260

They are the cheapest and you get your money's worth. I am constantly cutting strings off and they are coming apart. But, they have been put to good use for nine months and I suspect they'll have at least that much left of life.

Robert is thankful for the great start we've given him, example we are setting, and the difference we're making in the world, even if he can't fully express it yet.


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Melissa said...

GRRR...my computer deleted my comment.

I've been somewhat interested in this, but the whole clean up part grosses me out...scraping things into the toilet having so much of it going into my washing machine. I'm such a germ-a-phobe.

BUT, I have so many friends who swear by cloth and I do want to be environmentally conscious, SO I might get a few and give it a shot. I just don't know how committed I'll be :/

Sparky said...

So I know it's way too early for us to be thinking about diapering (since we aren't even pg yet lol) but DH and I decided today to spend about $20 a month and stockpiling our cloth diaper stash. We figure that by starting now, by the time we need them it won't be much of a burden. Our first order went through today. 12 flat diapers and a SUPER cute cover (DH's younger sister was cloth diapered with flat diapers and he said he remembers how much his step mom liked how adjustable they were. The only reason she didn't use them with her second was because the covers leaked, we are both assuming that the covers are better than they were 21 years ago lol) but I definately want to get some AIOs for grandparents/sitters/lazy days. You were my inspiration in this! You just make it look so darn easy :) I'm hoping it's either as easy as you make it look, or I can fake it hehe.

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