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Sunday, March 9, 2008

What a Weekend!

Where do I begin? This is seriously one the best weekends my husband and I have spent together in a long long time.

Friday we went to the movies, out to a nice dinner (where I totally behaved on my diet at my favorite restaurant, ok, mostly behaved, but I deserved a small treat!)

We came home and had awesome awesome sex... ok, did I really type that? I know, I did. Because with kids these days it feels so nonexistant, when it does happen, it feels like I should be bragging for like a month. :)

Saturday, I cooked my sweet husband breakfast in bed. :) Then we went on a hike further than I normally do with my walking buddies! Go me, Go me, Go me. :D Costco shopping was in the agenda, I know, kind of boring, but hey, there was NO KIDS here!!

Later we watched an awesome movie on the couch and he rubbed my back to sleep. Awww...

Plus the weekend was accompanied by numerous compliments and ass grabbing go Will. :)

But that's not the topper yet. Here goes: I behaved on my diet all weekend. AND I am down 9.8 pounds this morning... If that's not awesome then you should see my kitchen and family room that my husband TOTALLY cleaned last night. That has to be like a record or something.

Can we say Go Fucking Will?!?!?

Yeah, I have potty mouth, so what, don't read my blog then. :)
But like I said... 9.8 pounds down.

So here's what I am doing for those who might like to follow.

I have to cleanse my system of all sugars, I have candida, which is like a yeast in my system and let me tell you, it's the a pain in the ass, but it's feeling good to get healthy and rid myself of it.

Basically that means I eat

a. meats, mostly chicken, turkey (not so much), fish and slightly on the beef, considering it's really all my husband likes.
b. veggies, yup, even tons I have never heard of or tried, I have been buying. Experiment, steam, stir fry, spice it up!

Also, I am controlling my portions and have walked about 5 times this week, including two long hikes (I prefer hiking uphill because though I hate it in the process, I feel it in my legs much more).

The end result: 9.8 pounds in 6 days. Yup. Now I have to make it through a tempting dinner... Luke's steak. Yup, he loads it with brown sugar, which I can't have. So wish me luck in eating and bringing my own fish and veggies.

Stay tuned for my next pound of loss folks! :D


Kelley said...

YOU GO GIRL! I will walk with you next week..how about nex thursday? I will get off work early and we can do the entire Foothill walk...even up the GInormous hill. Have great day!

Christy said...

I am impressed. Losing weight is HARD. And exercising is even HARDER.

Jill said...

Woo hoo! That IS impressive! And look how much you can get accomplished with no kids around!!! It's amazing : )

Not So Perfect said...

Wow good for you. And glad you had such an awesome week-end with the husband.

I wish I could cut sugar out of my diet I think I would feel so much better if I could.