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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Two Year Old's Still Suck

Today sucks. I'm so tired of my kids picking fights over stupid shit. Seriously, this morning while I was trying to get ready and making myself something to eat William walks by Rawni (too closely) and she loses balance and falls down.

The world falls apart again.

In the meantime... I spent 20 minutes looking for a sippy cup, which has still not been found. All in order to be late.

Top that off with the fact that my kids not only didn't like THEIR lunch that I packed, they totally mooched all their friends food. So not ok with me.

Oh and of course, fit in there "No, I don't want to go." "No, I don't like those underwears." "I'm ready to go home Mommy." "No, I don't want to leave."

Two year olds suck. Point blank.

Oh and mental note: Rawni may be cute, but that doesn't mean she can get away without manners in my book. (Ahem, that's directed at you if you read this darling.)


Greg said...

I have to admit that our 2yr old is a handfull. However, I can deal with a 2yr old, who knows what she needs and is somewhat capable of telling me. I HATED the newborn stage. Oh sure she sucked me in by being cute and sleeping on me, but I had NO CLUE what she needed/wanted.

That was hard for me.