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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Rambling and then there's Aimee

Alright, while I should be doing laundry, running to Walmart, Safeway or returning the two movies that have sat on my counter for the past month... here I'll blog. :)

Yesterday was awesome. I drove down to the East Bay where (most of) my family and friends live.

I finally went in and got my Bridesmaid dress for my Brother in law and magnificent fiance's wedding. :) It's not exactly what I had in mind (we got to pick our own) but nothing really seemed to fit my body right. Why is that those things never come in the same size you are and totally range on the measurements? Kate and I were between 3 sizes! Sylvia was between 2, but she chose a dress that the hip measurement didn't matter... otherwise she probably would have been between three also! I don't get that.

Afterwards we did lunch, which for me was like straight out of a Sex & the City episode. Though many parts of the conversation I can not reveal on here... I would like to mention a few that had me literally laughing my ass off while I told my husband last night and he rolled his eyes in our lameness. :)

  • I always like to give people a hard time and be playful, so when he came and reached over Kate to grab her glass, he said "Oh, excuse me for reaching over you." As he walked away, I said "You are not excused, that is unacceptable." He turned around with a look of horror and wasn't sure what to say. I said "I was joking." I thought he might spit in our food or something he didn't like my humor... until he came back and while setting down Sylvia's drink said, "here's your coke"... Sylvia hates coke. He was like, "Oh, just joking." :P
  • Later on, our male server (who leaves for Iraq in a week) walked into our conversation of DSL's. (Don't know what that is? You might not be old enough too! ;) He said "uh, I think I walked into a bad part of the conversation, or good."
  • Meanwhile, there was plastic in my salad. Therefore he came to the table and said "Would you like your ($20) meal free or a complimentary dessert? My friend Sylvia is the cheapest, yet most giving person there is... she's like "Do you really have to ask? Hmmm... $4 or $20. Duh!"
  • Then there was the conversations I can't reveal, that are like straight out of Sex conversation that you can't be obligated to know. ;) Psht... my cousins and stuff read this! :D

On another exciting note my sister got her own apartment a few weeks ago (Go Randa!) and I got to finally go check it out. Bling bling Miranda with her fancy dining table and couch. Very cute. She makes me so proud all grown up and responsible... but wow, grown up?

While I was in her apartment I commented on her candy dishes (as they are very antique-y and I had never seen them before). She pulled one off the bottom and showed me how it was broke, but it was from our Grandma, so she couldn't just throw it away. That's not the part that had my laughing... my Grandma actually gave it to her broke. Yup, that was our Grandma Della. Cooky and wacky, but so entertaining.

It got me thinking on my long drive home last night of memories. Things that make me who I am, those things that make me laugh and cry. All the things I keep thinking I should write out for those of you who don't really know who and why I am...

For some reason my Aunt Aimee kept popping into my head. I kind of thought there should be a blog about her.... so here it goes:

My Aunt Aimee was the coolest and most awesome-ist Aunt if there ever was one. Let me tell you why:
  1. She's only 7 years older than I.
  2. We used to go to the movies together like friends when she first got her license, it was so cool.
  3. We lived together on and off for most of my life and she seriously was always like my sister.
  4. She used to pick me up from Middle School in her Mitsubishi Eclipse. Duh, like so cool.
  5. She worked for Macy's Clinique and another makeup line...? for a while and I used to get TONS of samples and hand me downs. I still love Estee Lauder's Mascara beyond all others!
  6. She actually taught me about sex. Yup.
  7. When she babysat me... we'd make bargains. I wouldn't tell on her if she invited her friends/boyfriends over if I was allowed to watch my favorite Rated "R" movies without her telling. Yup, sorry Mom, Dad and Gramma.
  8. Once we went to Taco Bell and she changed her shirt in the drive through and went to the window without it on going duh. So not self-conscious and I love that in a person.
  9. We were in High School and my Grandparents moved away we lived in their house together. My family and my Aunt Aimee. It was so cool. We had the same taste in clothes, shoes and the whole nine yards. We used to trade everything back and forth. :)
  10. Oh and I used to help her study in college. I remember when I was in High School she was taking this Sex Ed class on how mentally challenged people had sex in wheelchairs and stuff, yeah, there was a class on it and I was the one who quizzed and prepped her. No one else in my family would have gone there!

Aimee was always one of my biggest role models ever. I still love her to death, but two hours apart and four kids later, I don't get to love on her as much. Her daughter is 4, son is 2 this month and as you know, my children are 3 in June and 18 months. It's pretty having kids together though. We always joked we would have our kids together and do the marriage thing and stuff. I so remember childish conversations that we had like dorks talking about stuff. She's a riot.

Now you've learned yet another thing that has made me who I am today. :)

Stay tuned for tomorrow. I might have something else exciting to say. hahaha... I do realize I am not that exciting. ;