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Thursday, March 27, 2008

In pain, again...

Let's talk about poop. Isn't that what a large majority of discussions consist of after you have kids? Seems like it to me sometimes.

So William used to do this fun fun game. He'd put his hands in his diapers and smear his poop all over the carpets, my couch and just squish it. Oh yummy. Yeah.

In fact, this one time I had gone upstairs to put away laundry and came back to it all over the couch, ottoman, and carpet, the day before a HUGE party at my house. I basically poured a few bottles of Purell and dog carpet cleaner (with lots of alcohol on it) and began to scrub my butt off. I ran the fan on it all night with the heat up and it was still pretty damp when my guests came, but everyone swore they couldn't smell a thing. That's a huge deal to me.

Now his latest is (even though he is potty trained) he waits until naptime (though I have just made him potty before getting into bed) and poops in his pull up, or like the case on Sunday, put on his Superman undies, pooped and then took it to the walls and carpet.

Ok, so this hasn't happened since Monday, where I regretting yelled at him (I know, not the right move) and proceeded to have him spread eagle in the bath where I used the handheld sprayer, hosed him down, lathered him up and rehosed him. After I made him lay in bed (as it was still naptime and I had gone in to check on an instinct after 20 minutes of him going down...) I continued to give him dirty and disapproving looks. The kid won my heart by falling fast asleep while I was still cleaning.

Yesterday's adventure instead was climbing onto his dresser and getting the Purell... "Mommy, I put soap all over my books?" Grrrrr... this one wasn't nearly as bad, so I kind of let it go but made it clear he needs to keep the Purell on his dresser and not play with it.

Kids... We'll see what he's got for me today. This week is Spring Break, so I am just counting down to MY break. Why do they call it Spring Break anyways? I like DH's idea... it's Teacher Break. No break here for me.
On another note. My house is clean from top to bottom. I missed Martha. I just about ran up to her screaming, I MISSED YOU!! I MISSED YOU! I promise I'll never let you go again. lol.

I just love the smell and feel of a clean house. I hate it, but I get really tense when I sit in a mess.

Oh and I think she was totally stoked to see my new toy because she asked if she should use my vacuum or hers and when I told her either was fine, she gladly put hers on the porch and proceeded to use mine. :D

My stomach is killing me this morning. I guess the three pieces of sugarless gum and like 4g of sugar I got from the boring ol' black beans have done me in. This is ridiculous. I seriously can't eat anything other than green veggies, meat, fish, and eggs. It hurts like hell right now...and I soo didn't even eat anything good yesterday. :( Poor me.
Question I have for all you major emailers though? Why is it that getting my email address and being my "friend" all of a sudden qualifies you to send me every joke in the book? Did I miss a memo where I signed up for the crap. I hate it when people forward me every single piece of funny they get. Just so you know, I don't read them...


Christy said...

I hate junk email too.

The poop story was totally gross. I hope my children never do that. Yuck!

Claudia said...

Clean = calm. I can totally relate. It's about the only thing I can control, and even that, most days, is doubtful. ;)

Kristin said...

I hate that shit too. I never read it.

Jill said...

Oh no! Why is it that boys think it's so funny to play with poop?!? I hope I'm not in store for the poopy walls and couches...YUCK!