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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Easter Party

I haven't disappeared yet. I know I'm running late today, but I'm here, I'm here, I'm here!!!!
We had the big Easter Egg hunt here today. It was awesome. I was really stressed the last couple of days over life and this didn't help, but I am so glad it's done and it was a blast!

There's so much to say I don't even know where to begin, so instead I'll post a couple of pics. :)
On another note, my scale is and was a big fat liar. I replaced the batteries and it still continued to tell me I had lost like 20 pounds. A new scale and a day later... I'm only down like 5 from the start. What a downer. If that doesn't make matters worse, all the Easter talk and crap has me hungry for candy and dying to make myself sick eating it. Not a good combination with a stock of it in the house for tomorrow. Guess I might spend my Easter barfing if I give in huh?

And guess what I just snuck in the closet for two laffy taffy's. Bad Marni, Bad.
Do you ever just have someone or something on your mind you can't get out though? I hate that. I wish like was black and white. This and that. To do or be done. My mind has been racing lately and I have horrible insomnia which really makes for a hard time when you can't eat or do like anything.

But I do deserve a big pat on the back for going on a hike this morning with my bestest Jaime, who by the way is one of the greatest listeners out there. If you don't have a Jaime. You need to get one. I love you.
So I really don't have anything to say today, but I feel like I could talk for hours... so I'll cut this off now before I bore you and wish you all a Happy Easter!


Jaime said...

I LOVE YOU TOO MARNI!!! Thank you and I think I was the one venting this morning????

Christy said...

Damn stupid scale.