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Friday, March 21, 2008


It must be one of those busy weeks because I just scanned everyone's blog and noticed that NO ONE had any updates. It made me feel good that I'm not the only who can't keep up sometimes. This week I'm holding it together through the busy-ness of nothing, but next week... well, next week might be another story.
Will and I have been to 4? 5? {something like that} sessions of marriage counseling and apparently it's like done? I just feel like we both go in there with nothing to say. So I spoke up last night and we aren't going back for 2 weeks, then 3, then 4, then months. You get it. The communication channels have been opened back up and before I speak too soon; I think that's mostly all we needed. I'd prefer to put that money and time and babysitting into something like a date night or sleep. :) Oooooh, or even good sex. Shhhhh... ;)
Which doesn't even closely lead to my next subject... I came home tonight from my walk and Will yells in my face. Uh, I think your son swallowed an air freshener? I'm thinking how the hell did he do that? First off, he's not a mouthy kid. Second, do we have air freshener?? Did we get it at the sitter's?? Seriously. Apparently when they got home, he let William play in the car: normal. William turned on the hazard lights: normal. Played, so on, so forth: normal. Then he goes out to get him and he's got cork on his face and smells like Vanilla. Go William.

I got these stupid cork 1" in diameter air fresheners thing when I got my car cleaned and he ate one. Greaaaaaaat. So I call Poison Control and they ask all the lame questions... Bottom line, he might be sick, he might throw up, he might shit Vanilla scent (ok, that's mine, but it would be a great invention!). Anyways, so far so good. I think we're in the clear.
So yesterday I spent the day with my bestest Murissa. Some days you just gotta lounge and yack yano? Well... apparently when I got in the car to go to my appointment with William, all hell had broken loose on my cell and I had like 20 missed calls from customers and so on, so forth. It was quite frustrating. Though I LOVE doing Pleasure Parties, the back end part of the deal sucks big time. I hate dealing with phones all day and I really wish I had an assistant. Anyone? Anyone?

Anywhoo... Sounds like I am seriously >.< this close to killing some customers. Don't even get me started. I just spent 2 hours in my flipping room doing a whole fucking party for one girl. I am so frustrated. From this point out (this was a first) I am only letting my customers come into my home for consults for $50 up front. Fuck that. I seriously did a whole party for her and repeated myself like 50 times. Grrrr....

My scale sucks. I'm still down 8 pounds, but Will got me thinking maybe our scale is a piece of shit? We go through scales like no ones business... what's the deal there? Are they only for a limited time? Come on. This past time we even invested in a good one!!!
PS. Apparently when I tell my father don't bother me when I'm with a customer it doesn't mean shit. He still continued to bang on the window while I was doing service. Do I just not make myself clear or do people just see me as a big fat fucking rug?

Stop walking on me fuckers. I'm tired and I am seriously about to blow up the joint.

Alright here I go to rush rush rush through more of the day. Fuck.


Christy said...

Yikes. Slow down woman! You have so much going on right now. You need a vacation.